Step 1: Replace All Broken Tiles

Roof Restoration Step 1

Replace all broken and chipped tiles.

Step 2: Rebed Ridge Capping

Roof Restoration Step 2

Pull up loose capping for rebedding, lay out sand and cement mix, lay out ridge capping on sand and cement bed, and trowel off excess bedding.

Step 3: Clean Roof

Roof Restoration Step 3

Pressure clean entire roof area and a final rinse of gutters, fascia boards, surrounding fences and paths.

Step 4: Apply Sealer

Roof Restoration Step 4

Apply appropriate sealer to maximise adhesion (primer lock, high build primer or solvent deep penetrating primer).

Step 5: Apply Roof Reviver

Roof Restoration Step 5

Apply Roof Reviver membrane to restore roof.

Step 6: Seal Cracks

Roof Restoration Step 6

Trowel on flexi-point over bedding to seal up any possible cracks and to make sure ridge cap is secure (flexi-point is a flexible membrane that moves in harmony with expansion and contraction to avoid cracking).

Start to finish usually 2-3 days depending on size of roof and interference from weather

1. Replace Broken Tiles 2. Rebed Ridge Capping 3. Clean Roof 4. Apply Sealer 5. Apply Roof Reviver 6. Seal Cracks

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